Wasp Nest treatment

Wasp nest treatment £45

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As anybody with a wasp nest on their property knows, fast treatment is a priority in order to safeguard children and pets. I aim to attend all wasp nest calls within 24 hours.

Treating a wasp nest under the eaves

I can treat wasp nests with either professional use only insecticidal products for a rapid knockdown effect or for nests in sensitive locations such as above ponds I can use non toxic organic compounds.

I charge £45 to treat a wasp nest and just £10 each for any further nests on your property treated in the same visit.


Most nests are killed on the first visit and can be left in place. Nests are never re-occupied. After 5 days the dead nest can be removed if easily accessible. I can return to remove dead nests and any residual insecticide for a small additional fee.

One free re-treatment is included in the price due to the small possibility of inaccessible nests (in roof voids or wall cavities) not being killed with the first application.


Please note, I do not treat bumble bee nests with insecticides.  Bumble bees are very placid and the nest will die off naturally at the end of summer.  They are very important pollinators and numbers are on the decline.  However, in some cases bumble bee nests that pose a problem can safely be moved.