Corona-virus Policy (Updated 26/11/2020)

This is not a cut and paste document published to cover my backside. This is my attempt to reassure and keep my customers (and me) safe.

Given the latest advice from the Government, I have had to restructure the way I work and reduce the types of jobs that I take on.

Mole season is now upon us. I don’t need to have any contact with mole customers, just access to their gardens. Invoices and reports can be submitted by email or telephone.

For urgent rodent and insect issues I do need to enter houses. I already have robust hygiene procedures in place due to dealing with rodents and the mess they create. I am confident that with customer cooperation and strict adherence to Government social distancing guidelines urgent rodent or insect infestations can be dealt with safely and effectively.

Wearing a mask and gloves is now totally routine before entering a customers property, but if I happen to forget, please speak up and remind me.

Customers should pay by bank transfer if possible. My card reader is available though and cleaned between each use. I will not be accepting cash payments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.